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Angry Rhode Island Subway customer throwing chair caught on camera

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WJAR/CNN – Police in Pawtucket, Rhode Island are investigating two separate incidents caught on camera at a Subway restaurant.

They include a robbery and a customer throwing a violent fit.

“I was like, you are starting problems with people now, you have to leave, you can’t stay in here, you have to go now,” said the Subway employee.

This worker, who didn’t want to show her face on camera, says that’s when the woman seen here in this video unraveled.

“She threw a chair then she left, then she came back in, she threw like three more chairs and a table on the floor.”

The customer also seen ripping down COVID-19 guideline notices from the door on her way out.

It happened a week and a half ago, on a Friday evening.

The worker says it all started after the woman and the two people she was with ordered three sandwiches and left with them.

We’re told a man who was with her, seen here, came back in saying they only got two sandwiches.

The worker said she told them she’d make them another, even with a line of people waiting, but says that’s when this customer became irate.

“As she’s walking out, she’s cursing at everybody, and then telling me she’s going to meet me outside when I get out of work.”

“That is absolutely nuts,” said a neighbor.

This woman who lives nearby watched the video with us today.

“There’s never really a problem in Subway whatsoever, the service is perfect, so that’s crazy.”

And it’s not the only thing police are trying to solve at this store.

“Put the money in the bag, put everything in the register in the bag.” That’s what another worker tells us is being said in this video the same Subway, where a week later, a man came in covered head to trying to rob the place.

“In the moment I was like, wow, that’s what’s happening right now, my heart was beating.”

The 16-year-old employee behind the counter gave him the $92 in the cash register and immediately hit the store’s emergency response button, alerting authorities.

Officials are still investigating the robbery.

They’re also asking anyone with information about the woman who threw chairs to call police.

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