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When it comes to web hosting within Europe, Aruba is a relatively popular option. Their biggest advantage is the incredibly cheap pricing – for example, you can get shared hosting for 12 euros a year – and they also offer all of the standard hosting options, a few bonuses, as well as GDPR compliance features that are especially helpful for those doing business within the EU. However, there are also significant setbacks to using their services, and whether or not you can live with those will depend on your personal needs.

Aruba was founded in Italy back in 1994, and now has data centers in Italy, UK, France, Germany, Poland and Czech Republic. The company manages 2.7 million domains and 8.6 million email accounts, which comes up to about 5.4 million customers. Aside from web hosting, they also offer cloud solutions, PEC and trust services, the “provision and management of servers and other IT infrastructures,” as well as document delivery and recovery services in Italy.

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