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Best USB-C Power Delivery Chargers 2020

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If you’re wondering why your laptop will happily charge from some USB plugs but not others, the answer is USB-C Power Delivery. We’ve rounded up some great examples you can buy right now.

It’s not quite as simple as searching for a charger with Power Delivery support, however. While some laptops will charge from a 30W adaptor, others require significantly more power. These chargers range in output up to 100W, so to find a compatible device you really need to know what is required by your particular model of laptop.

Best USB-C PD Laptop Charger Reviews

1. RavPower PD Pioneer 65W 2-Port Wall Charger – Best Overall

2. RavPower PD Pioneer 65W 4-Port Desktop Charger – Best Design

RavPower PD Pioneer 65W 4-Port Desktop Charger (RP-PC136)

3. Mackertop USB-C PD Charger (65W PD) – Best Value Charger

Mackertop 65W USB-C PD Charger

4. Anker PowerPort Atom III (45W PD + 15W) – Best Compact Charger

Anker 60W PowerPort Atom III (2 Ports) USB-C and USB-A Charger

5. Aukey USB-C Charger (60W PD + 12W) – Best Desktop Charger

Aukey 72W USB-C Desktop Charging Station with Power Delivery

6. RAVPower Pioneer USB-C Charger 61W – Best Single-Port Charger

RAVPower PD Pioneer 61W USB-C Wall Charger

7. RavPower 5-Port USB Desktop Charging Station (45W PD + 15W) – Best Multi-Port Charger

RavPower 60W 5-Port USB Wall Charger

8. Satechi Type-C Travel Charger (60W PD + 15W) – Best for Power Output

Satechi Type-C 75W Travel Charger

9. Satechi 75W Dual USB-C PD – Best for Multiple Power Delivery Outputs

Satechi 75W Dual USB-C PD

10. Satechi Type-C PD Car Charger (60W PD + 12W) – Best for Car Charging

Satechi 72W Type-C PD Car Charger

How much power do I need to charge my laptop?

The easiest way to find out how much power is required to charge your laptop is to inspect the charger that was sold with it, if you have that to hand. Alternatively you can look for its specification on the manufacturer’s website. 

You’re looking for a figure in Watts, although it may be expressed in Volts and Amps. If so, simply multiply these two numbers to get the figure you need. For example, a laptop that requires 12V/2A to charge will need a 24W USB-C PD charger (12×2=24).

Once you know what power rating you’re looking for, finding a USB-C PD charger for your laptop or console is easy. Sometimes it can pay to get one a little faster than you need – it may be more expensive, but you’ll be pleased you bought it if you later decide to upgrade your laptop.

Look out for newer GaN (gallium nitride) chargers that require fewer components than traditional silicone chargers, allowing them to be less bulky and also more efficient.

We’ve put together a range of articles to help you choose the best charging tech for the mobile devices you carry everywhere. You’ll also like:

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