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Best video editing laptops of 2020: Top notebooks for NLE and more

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How to choose a video editing laptop

Your budget will obviously determine your choice when it comes to selecting a laptop for the best video editing purposes. However, don’t forget to choose a device that (a) is expandable (so that you can add more memory or an additional SSD if necessary), (b) one that comes with next business day warranty (or at least offers it as an option) and (c) features ample connectivity as users are likely to transfer files either via a cloud storage option or via an external storage (most likely to be a portable SSD).

Choosing the best video editing laptop takes a bit of work. It’s just not about getting the highest specced or the most expensive laptop on the market. More importantly, you’ll need portability, power, the ideal graphics card, and an excellent display that boasts high resolution and delivers great color accuracy. You’ll also need to ensure compatibility with any video converter software and DVD burning software you use.

Whether you’re looking to get some editing done while being mobile or needing to do screen recording, we’re here to help you find the perfect device. Using our tech expertise, we rounded up the best laptop (or workstation) for editing and put together a guide. We’ll dive into all the best video editing laptops, both in high definition and Ultra HD (4K) resoutions, for all budgets.

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