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Great news for intranets at Microsoft Ignite 2020

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Microsoft’s annual gathering of tech leaders and practitioners was delivered as a digital event last week. There was a lot of news – so much that it was compiled in a digital Book of News. In this post, I focus on a few of my favorite announcements for communicators and intranet managers.

Global navigation (finally) with the SharePoint app bar

Global navigation has long been tops on my wish list for modern SharePoint intranets. My favorite announcement at Ignite 2020 involved the new SharePoint app bar (aka, global navigation). The SharePoint app bar is configured in the Home site. It allows you to take the navigation on your home site and bring it to a narrow left rail that persists everywhere in SharePoint.

The app bar includes a link back to your Home site, a link that shows your list of recent and frequent sites, and a link to news from sites you follow and sites recommended for you. This is like what you get on the SharePoint start page – but instead of another destination, it follows you around and can pop out whenever you need it – exactly what we want for global navigation. You will need a Home site to take advantage of the SharePoint app bar.

To learn more and see how it can be configured, check out this Ignite video: Architecting your intelligent intranet with SharePoint global navigation, hubs, and site designs. The SharePoint app bar should be available by the end of 2020 – along with the long awaited feature announced at Ignite 2019, associated hubs.

sharepointappbar globalnavMicrosoft

The SharePoint app bar brings your Home site navigation to all SharePoint sites.

Intranet where you are – in Teams!

Intranets can only engage and delight if they are used. Bringing them to where people are working ensures that this will happen. We’ve already got a great mobile experience for SharePoint, but I’ve really wanted to bring the intranet into Teams – especially once the Communities app for Yammer in Teams became available. If you want to bring a SharePoint page into Teams today, you can, but if you bring in your intranet home page, you lose the navigation experience – which makes the current integration great for pages, not great for sites.

This is why I am so excited about the home site app for Teams. This app brings your home site and the best of your intranet to Teams! Sites built on modern SharePoint will render inside Teams itself. And the app makes it easy to share and discuss content from intranet sites in Teams channels and chat.

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