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Here’s the Tech Taking Over Your Home

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LG: Right. Amazon and Google have slightly different end goals, right? Which is that Amazon wants you to shop and buy more things and it wants to use the data that it has to get you to shop more and buy more things. Google sells ads, as we mentioned at the very top of the show, but they’re both using low cost hardware as sort of delivery mechanisms for your data in order to accomplish those goals.

JC: Yeah. Compared to Apple who prides itself on not sharing your data at all, so it justifies the higher price for being able to secure your data in that way.

LG: Right. All right. Julian, one last question for you. Of all of the products that we’ve seen announced in the past few weeks, and you had to choose one product from each company, so that would be Apple, Amazon, Google, and then Microsoft, which we didn’t really get to talk about much, but Microsoft put out the weird Duo recently, which of these would you choose?

JC: Well from Google, I’d probably pick the … Well, I actually did just by the Chromecast because I’ve used a Chromecast all my life and I feel like this would be cool to experience Chromecast with a remote and actually have an interface on my TV. From Amazon, I feel like I’d want the drone just to see what it’s like, but I probably would have regretted it immediately and would go for something like the game streaming service, just because that’s an interesting field that’s kind of growing lately. Then from Microsoft, probably the Surface Duo. I didn’t rate it too highly and I feel like it had a lot of issues, but they’re promising to improve it. I just really liked Microsoft’s approach there and I think I really liked the hardware. I just wish it wasn’t as buggy. I guess from Apple, I’d probably pick the iPad Air because that thing looks amazing.

LG: Oh, these are good choices. OK.

JC: What about you? What would you pick?

LG: OK. From Google, I agree with you on the Chromecast. would definitely get the Chromecast, primarily because it now has remote and I wish that I could use the Google Chromecast remote on my Apple TV, if that was possible, and just throw the Apple TV remote out the window. From Amazon, they didn’t talk about this at the hardware event, but a couple of weeks before, they announced the super-weird wearable called the Halo band. I’m intrigued enough by that, that I would probably try that. Apple, I think I would try the Fitness+ service when that launches so not a piece of hardware, but a service because I, I don’t know, like digital fitness stuff and I think that would be fun to try out and see if it’s really a Peloton killer.

Then Microsoft, I’m going to agree with you on that too. I would go with the Duo. Now, I wouldn’t actually buy the Duo. I wouldn’t actually spend $1,400 on it, but I have this vision of owning the Duo and then someday many years from now, my grandkids will be going through my gadget library and they’ll be like, “What’s this, Grandma? I’ll be like, “Well, kids, back in the pandemic of 2020, Microsoft put out a phone, but it’s not a phone. Don’t call it a phone. That’s this bizarre oddity, a dual screen device with a giant hinge down the middle, running Android and charged people $1,400 for it. And that was innovation in 2020.” It just think it’d be hilarious. This is just a weird thing that I want to try. So yeah, those are my choices. So those are the things that we would buy, but we’re going to take a quick break and when we come back, we’re going to do recommendations of what we actually do own or are going to buy or … just stayed tuned.

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