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How to combat cyber-attackers | TechRadar

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Recent news headlines suggest that we’re currently living through a cybersecurity maelstrom. Private and public organizations both large and small are being hacked almost every week. Just this month, Norway’s parliament suffered a cyber-attack which impacted both government ministers and opposition leaders, showing just how easily hackers can target those in positions of influence. Other attempts on well-known organizations this year include one on the World Health Organization back in March, and Russian APT29 hacking group’s attacks on virus research centers in Britain in July.

The pandemic is the principal reason for this purported rise in criminal activity. It is an unusual situation for human society, something we haven’t dealt with in living memory. We are uncertain of what is to come, even now. And as we all know, periods of prolonged uncertainty often prove to be a watershed for a wave of cyber-hunting. One thing that hasn’t changed, however, is cybercriminals’ methods of attack. In fact, Microsoft research indicates that malware attacks linked to coronavirus were “barely a blip” in the total volume of threats it monitors. Although they were more frequent than in January and February, the threat landscape has now settled back to “typical phishing and identity compromise patterns.”

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