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HP Chromebook 14 review | TechRadar

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HP Chromebook 14 review

The HP Chromebook 14 might just be your entry into the world of Chromebooks. It’s easy to ignore this relatively new category of laptop. The idea behind them is not all that complicated: a laptop with a lightweight and streamlined operating system that focuses on getting you connected. Your work, play, and everything else is either through a browser or apps that need that internet connection to function. It’s a fun, novel idea that is not for everyone.

With its collection of features and decent performance, the HP Chromebook 14 might make you convert, however. If you need something that won’t break the bank, will get you online, and help you keep up to date on your emails, then this device is perfect for you. Add to that, a wonderful, bright 14-inch display with an excellent trackpad and keyboard makes this laptop a winner.

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