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Light therapy lamps on sale: Fight off seasonal blues

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Be prepared for this to be an especially difficult winter.

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Light therapy lamps on sale as of Oct. 1:

MOST SAVINGS: Miroco MI-CL003 light therapy lamp — save $32

BEST FOR A SMALL FOOTPRINT: TaoTronics TT-CL019 light therapy lamp — save $15

BEST FOR A LARGE PANEL: TaoTronics TT-CL016 light therapy lamp — save $10

I’m not a doctor, but I feel fairly confident saying that I think seasonal affective disorder is going to hit different this year. The state of the world is, uh, less than ideal, and 4 p.m. sunsets are certainly not going to help boost our happiness.

If you experience seasonal affective disorder during regular winters, you should definitely invest in a light therapy lamp this year. And even if you’re usually fine during the darker, colder months, it won’t hurt to add a bit of brightness to your day — it is 2020 after all. Light therapy lamps simulate sunlight without harmful UV rays to let you blissfully pretend every day is bright and sunny.

Here are a few light therapy lamps on sale as of Oct. 1:

Utilize three brightness modes with this panel therapy light that looks sort of like an old school tablet. It delivers 10,000 lux (the standard brightness for light therapy) and has a built-in timer you can set from 10 to 60 minutes at 10-minute intervals. The lamp has a foldable bracket so you can stand it up on a surface or fold it down to take on the go with you.

This compact lamp has a seashell design and won’t take up much space. It features adjustable brightness that you can change smoothly by holding down the brightness button. This is nice if preset brightnesses aren’t just right for you. 

Similar to the Miroco, this lamp has a tablet-esque design, but it utilizes the entire surface as a light panel with roughly 8 x 6-inch measurements. It’s super thin and you can slip it in a bag if you want to take it on the go with you. It features smooth dimming and brightening and has a 30-minute timer.

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