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MOGA XP5-X Plus Bluetooth Controller review

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Despite the new console hype, the future of gaming sits not solely with the likes of the Xbox Series X or the PS5, but in the cloud, with subscription services and data centers doing the heavy lifting, and our lower-powered mobile devices acting as the conduit to our remote gaming hosts.

From Google Stadia to GeForce Now to Amazon Luna, game streaming is now commonplace (though still not perfected), and to take proper advantage of it, you need a controller fit for the job. 

The MOGA XP5-X Plus is perhaps the most capable of all the mobile controllers we’ve seen so far – designed specifically with Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass Streaming for Android in mind (though, being a Bluetooth controller, it’ll work with any gamepad-supporting gaming app) it ticks pretty much every box you can think of. 

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Housing your phone in an adjustable cradle, it essentially mirrors an official Xbox One controller (while adding a couple of additional customizable buttons too), and includes a built in battery for charging your mobile device while in play.

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