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OnePlus 8T will have an ultra wide-angle selfie camera

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The OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro both have a 16MP selfie camera with a standard lens. For the OnePlus 8T, it appears OnePlus will be going with a new selfie camera, one that has an ultrawide angle lens.

The info comes from the latest teaser for the OnePlus 8T that was shared on Twitter by OnePlus earlier today. The caption mentions an “Ultra Wide Angle Camera” and the short animated video shows that it is the selfie camera that is in question.

The selfie camera is one area where OnePlus has not made significant changes in a while, save for the OnePlus Nord that has 32MP + 8MP dual selfie cameras. So it is quite interesting to see that the OnePlus 8T will also get a new selfie camera experience.

With an ultra wide-angle selfie camera, users will be able to take selfies that fit in more of their backdrop or more folks depending on the scenario.

The OnePlus 8T launches on October 14, but before then, we expect OnePlus to confirm/reveal more details of the device.



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