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OnePlus Nord 2/Lite Release Date, Price & Specs Rumours

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OnePlus has already staked its claim in the best mid-range phone market with the excellent Nord that we reviewed recently and awarded top marks.

But it seems that the company is not sitting on its laurels. Given that its motto is Never Settle, this is no surprise. As rumours are gathering pace that the Nord may have a quick successor in the form of the OnePlus Nord 2 or Nord Lite or even Nord Aurora. We roundup all that’s know so far about the potential new addition to the OnePlus stable.

When is the OnePlus Nord 2/Lite release date?

There are no firm details available on when or even if the Nord 2 will appear. One interesting rumour that appeared from Vietnamese tech-tipster Chun recently stated that OnePlus will release a new model by the end of September that uses a Snapdragon 662/665 processor. If this is the OnePlus Nord 2, then it looks likely that should that date pass, it could be arriving very soon.

How much will the OnePlus Nord 2/Lite cost?

The OnePlus Nord was already released in July 2020 across Europe, although sadly not planned to arrive in the US, priced at £379 for 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage or £469 for the 12GB/256GB configuration, and judging by the rumours we’ve seen circulating, the new model could come in quite a bit cheaper than that.

At the time of writing, there are little in the way of solid price details for the Nord 2/Lite, but as you’ll see below it could be competing with the likes of Xiaomi and Motorola budget models that regularly cost between £200/$200 and £300/$300.

What are the specs for the OnePlus Nord 2/Lite

As mentioned above, there’s a possibility that the new model from OnePlus could come with either the Snapdragon 662 or Snapdragon 665 processor at its heart. This would be a step down from the Snapdragon 765G fitted in the OnePlus Nord and place it in the realms of the Redmi Note 8T, Xiaomi Mi A3 and Moto G Pro which all feature the Snapdragon 665.

In truth, this really suggests that the rumours might be speaking of a Nord Lite rather than a straight follow-up to the Nord, as the rival models sporting those kinds of processors often sell for well below the £300/$300 mark. Another clue is that the Snapdragon 665 doesn’t support 5G, whereas the OnePlus Nord’s chip does.

It could be a case that OnePlus has several models planned for release and that the leaks and rumours turning up at the moment are being conflated to represent the Nord 2, when it might be that the Nord Lite is an entirely separate entity.

This gets even more convoluted when you add to the mix a tweet from another tech reporter, Venkatesh Babu.G, that spotted a OnePlus Clover listed on Geekbench. This could be another name for the OnePlus Nord or Lite, as it reports a Snapdragon 660 SoC and 4GB of RAM, which would again place it firmly in the budget price bracket.

There’s also another name doing the rounds, the OnePlus Aurora, which has even been given the full concept treatment in a video by the aptly named Concept Creator.  

This is based on other rumours that OnePlus is working on a couple of models that may be released in the USA and Canada. The video shows one with a dual-camera setup and the other with three, supposedly drawn from the leak that OnePlus currently has to codename of Billie 1 and Billie 2 allocated to the project (we assume for Build 1 and Build 2, but maybe they are just huge fans of Ms Piper’s work?).

As you can see, there’s not exactly a clear picture of what the Nord 2, Lite, Clover or Aurora might be, but we’ll keep scouring the internet to bring you the latest rumours and leaks so that everything will hopefully become clearer. Just be sure to check back regularly to see what we find.

If you can’t wait for the next iteration of OnePlus devices, you can check out our round-up of the best mid-range phones to see what else is on offer.

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