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PS5 pre-order deals and price: where to buy PlayStation 5

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PS5 pre-orders sold out almost immediately at launch, and it’s been difficult to get your hands on the next generation console ever since. We’ve seen stock dip in and out as more waves appear online, however, so all isn’t lost yet. 

Retailers like Best Buy and Amazon in the US and Currys and Very in the UK have all seen new PS5 pre-orders appearing on the shelves, which means there’s more out there in the wild. While the PS5 pre-order window has been marred by messy timings, and now with retailers emailing customers to inform them they might not receive their console on launch day things are even more up in the air. However, we’re bringing you all the latest information as it comes in right here so bookmark this page if you’re still looking to buy PS5 before the big day. 

Amazon has most notably informed its customers that PS5 pre-orders might not arrive in time for the November 12 (19 in the UK) launch. However, GameStop has also now sent emails to its European pre-orderers that they might not see their console until 2021.  

Those are the only retailers who have so far suggested a delay in their PS5 pre-order shipping, however, and we don’t yet know what this means for supplies at launch. It might be more important than ever to buy a PS5 before release day, then, so we’d recommend keeping an eye on the retailers below for more updates. 


  • Amazon: pre-orders live previously – stay tuned
  • Walmart: pre-orders turn on and off – refresh daily or hourly
  • Best Buy: pre-orders live previously – more on the way
  • GameStop: out of stock online – pre-order in store
  • Sam’s Club: pre-orders live previously – more on the way

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