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Ring Will Launch a Drone as Security Camera for Your Home Next Year

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The Always Home Cam is a drone that flies through your home to make sure everything is intact when you’re not there. When the alarm goes off, it gets out of its dock and flies to the breach. The cameras are blocked when in the dock, so it only records when in flight, and because drones make noise when in flight, everyone knows when recording is taking place.

It’s also a money-saver, because you don’t need several cameras, but only one mobile one. What might be a problem is the fact that rooms have doors, so if you’ve left one closed, it won’t be possible for the drone to access it, so whatever happens in it will remain unmonitored and therefore unknown.

I suppose many apartment owners that rent out their apartments on Airbnb will be open to this idea, so the residents will always know when the owners are monitoring, or monitoring will only be done when required, and there’ll be no fear or issue of being recorded when this device is used instead of security cameras.

It’s going to be priced around $250 per security drone, and it’s the company’s most ambitious project to date. We’ll need to wait until next year to see if it actually works as well as expected.

Would you be interested in something like this?

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