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SmallHD Sony VENICE Camera Control

by admin

SmallHD has officially made the Camera Control for the Sony VENICE available. Previously you could purchase a Camera Control license for both RED and ARRI cameras, and now the VENICE joins that list.

Camera Control works with SmallHD’s Cine 7 range of monitors. With this license, you have the ability to access and change key camera settings through the Cine 7’s touchscreen interface.

What can you control?

You need to hook your Sony VENICE up to the SmallHD Cine 7 via an ethernet cable. The Camera Control license allows you to access the following:

Camera Control Access:
Start/Stop Record, ND Filter Selection, FPS, Shutter Speed, ISO, Color Temperature/White Balance, Partial LUT Configuration, Clip Playback

Non-Interactive Camera Information
Timecode, Media Status, FPS, Resolution, Battery Info, Recording Format

You need to update your Cine 7 to the latest firmware in order to use Sony VENICE control. 


The Camera Control license for the Sony VENICE costs $400 USD. You can also buy a kit that includes a SmallHD Cine 7 and the Sony VENICE camera control license for $1,799 USD.