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TechN presents high-end CPU water coolers for AMD AM4, Intel LGA 1200 and 2066

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TechN unveils the most powerful CPU water coolers for three platforms at once. AMD’s AM4 sockets and the Intel sockets LGA 1200 and 2066 will each receive their own high-end water block with the most advanced cooling technology and sophisticated manufacturing – Made in Germany.

Superior performance and build quality

A compact, reduced design language, the high-quality material mix and hidden mounting elements form the puristic character of the high-performance cooling blocks. Both the mirror-polished acrylic and matte anodized surfaces demonstrate the highest level of care. The perfection in manufacturing achieves a flush composition for a modern industrial look, which incorporates the extensive technological innovations of the TechN CPU water coolers.

The water blocks are characterised by micro-fin-geometry and do not require a jet plate thanks to advanced flow optimisations. The acrylic framed by an anodized aluminium (black and silver options) is illuminated by RGB-LED and provides a clear view of the chemically nickel-plated copper plate. The mounting accessories are made of stainless steel and the CPU coolers come to the customer in “no-nonsense” packaging limited to the essentials.

The block for enthusiasts and overclockers

As the best CPU waterblock for AM4 our TechN cooler could prove it’s performance as the waterblock of choice for @1usmus’ Ryzen ClockTuner. Make sure to check out his tool for auto-overclocking and undervolting AMD processors with Zen2 architecture. The waterblocks for Intel are backwards compatible to Intel LGA 115x and 2011 and also category leading on their respective platform.

Completion of the product family for custom water cooling

The CPU coolers are the starting point for a series of products that will be introduced gradually. Waterblocks for Nvidia GeForce RTX 3000 series are soon to follow, as well as waterblocks for AMDs Big Navi. Pump housings for Laing, radiators, reservoirs and fittings are also planned to be released soon.

Availability first via the TechN webshop. The CPU waterblocks start at 99,90 Euros and will be available at partner stores shortly.

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