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The best thermal pads for keeping your cpu cool under pressure

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Turning off the PC in the middle of work or gaming just to cool it down is so old school. Instead, to provide 24 / 7 cooling protection to your CPU, we offer you these exclusive selections of thermal pads, which function over a wide temperature range. To top it all off, the usage and installation of these thermal pads are very easy, so you do not have to stress anymore about the painstaking process.

We have all been there: You’re working meticulously and the next thing you know the air around you is heating up. Not only is the PC getting hot and damaged, the air that it is producing contains toxic chemicals, which could be hazardous to your health. These selections of thermal pads with their innovative features provide protection and safeguards the PC against such instances of overheating. Hover over some of our favorite picks.

IC Graphite Thermal Pad

Best Overall Thermal Pad

Covering an extraordinary temperature range from -200C to 400C, the IC Graphite Thermal Pad has the mechanism to adapt to all possible circumstances. The dry solution in the pad means there is no possibility of liquid leakage and the best part is that this pad, along with its dry solution, can be used repeatedly without the need for buying again.

Thermal Grizzly Minus Pad 8

Best Adhesion

The high thermal conductivity of Thermal Grizzly Minus Pad 8 means that heat dissipates faster and more efficiently within the CPU. It will not bulge, buckle, or falter under pressure because of its unique compressibility, which means it can function properly even in the most congested situations.

SIXQJZML Silicone Thermal Conductive Pads

Best Value Pack

It does not take a chemist to know how much of a good heat conductor silicone can be, and a SIXQJZML Silicone Thermal Conductive Pad provides just that. The conductivity is made better thanks to the high tensile strength of 12 Kg f / cm2, which means it can be stretched over big areas without causing any damage to the pad.

PCs are cherished personal equipment for all respective users and to see it get damaged because of something small is very sad and frustrating. Sometimes the damage is beyond repair, even if you have the money. So instead of regretting taking precautions that can add up later, browse the list above and install one of these products inside your PC to strengthen your CPU’s longevity in more protected way. These thermal pads have all the prerequisites to be the best form of protection against overheating your PC CPUs.

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