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The GoCycle GX is a fun, foldable ebike with few drawbacks

by admin

As a road cyclist, I’ve kept folding bikes at a safe distance. In my defense, I’ve never had a need for one. I’ve either always had access to garages to store bikes, or, as is the case now, live in the Netherlands where the majority of us ride sit-up-and-beg bikes, which are parked haphazardly on the street.

Folding bikes make lots of sense in big cities like London or New York, where commuters use more than one mode of transport to reach their destination. It takes the hassle out of having nowhere to securely park your bike, and means you can use other forms of transport like trains to complete the bulk of your journey.

Ebikes are equally alluring for the modern commuter. They can dramatically reduce the amount of effort required to reach your destination, and in my experience, are the difference between arriving with all the style of a techno-sartorialist or a hot sweaty mess. 

Putting the two together must lead to something incredible, right? A fun, flexible, and useful tool that gets you to where you’re going with no need to worry about where to store it when you get there. Sounds like a winning combination. But is it? 

I’ve been riding the folding ebike from GoCycle, the GX, on the streets of Amsterdam to see for myself whether folding ebikes could be the ultimate companion for today’s commuters. 

Credit: M Beedham