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These are the ones reviewers love most

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Whether it’s best for pet hair or normal everyday dust, there’s a perfect vacuum cleaner for you.

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Keeping a clean house is a job that never ends. Having a great vacuum cleaner that can handle it all is absolutely essential. (Especially if you have pets.) After you’ve decluttered your junk drawers, reorganized your closet, and wiped down months of outdoor water buildup from your windows, it’s time to focus on vacuuming the rugs, carpets, cushions, and everywhere else dust, dander, and debris has been hiding. (Can’t stand the thought of vacuuming? Check out these robot vacuums instead.)

If you haven’t introduced your home to a new vacuum in a while, you’ll be shocked at just how many modern features that vacuums have these days. From robot vacuums that both mop and sweep your floors to handheld mini vacuums that collapse down to store more easily, we scoured the ‘net to find the best options to help with your spring cleaning regimen and beyond. 

We read reviews, looked at customer ratings, and used our expert knowledge to compile a list of the best vacuums across multiple categories. We’ll tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly to help you pick out a machine that really sucks — in a good way.

Best upright vacuums 

Upright vacuums have long been a favorite in U.S. households, and for good reason. Tried and true, uprights are great for covering large carpet areas and can deep clean using motorized brushes. On the other hand, they generally aren’t the easiest to store if you have small space, and they require that you use a bit of elbow grease — pushing and pulling as you go. Nevertheless, if you grew up watching your parents use a noisy old upright vacuum cleaner and want to go with a modern take on something familiar, here are our top picks.

Consistent powerful suction • Swivel head • Stair tool • Reusable filter

The Dyson Ball MultiFloor is a sustainable and reliable choice.

Dyson Ball MultiFloor

With Dyson’s trusted name, this is a killer upright vacuum for deep cleaning.

  • Weight:
    17.33 pounds
  • Cord length:
    30 feet
  • Type:
    Upright bagless
  • Dust bin capacity:
    0.55 gallons
We can’t talk about vacuum cleaners without mentioning Dyson, and the Dyson Ball MultiFloor is a highly-rated vacuum for tackling the whole house. It has a self-adjusting head that thoroughly cleans across different carpet heights and hard flooring without losing suction.
The vacuum is bagless and features a reusable cloth filter, which still does a stellar job trapping dust and allergens, but will save you money (and help the environment) in the long run. It uses a ball joint to make the vacuum swivel for easy maneuverability across multiple floor types.
Though it looks pretty bulky, the Dyson Ball does have special tools and attachments to help you tackle the stairs and other hard-to-reach areas.

Lightweight • Portable • Powerful across multiple floor types • Swivel steering • Good for pet hair

Bulky canister • No on-board storage for extra attachments • Short hose

With powerful suction, a 25-foot cord, and portability with the press of a button, this vacuum is a great pick for cleaning the whole house.

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional

All you have to do is press a button, and this 2-in-1 upright vacuum transforms into an even-more-portable version of itself.

  • Weight:
    13.7 pounds
  • Cord length:
    25 feet
  • Type:
    Upright with detachable canister
  • Dust bin capacity:
    2.2 quarts
The is an incredibly versatile vacuum and while it does have a canister, it’s pretty lightweight. Use the Navigator to vacuum your floors normally or detach the lift-away pod for a handheld, portable cleaner. This is great for when you need to sweep your steps, car, or any other hard-to-reach area where a full-sized vacuum won’t fit. There’s also an attachment for cleaning overhead areas like ceiling corners.
The vacuum’s brush roll shuts off depending on the type of floor you’re on, making it great for both digging out buried-in dirt on carpets and picking up loose debris on hard flooring. You can be confident the Shark Navigator is actually clearing your home of dust and allergens because it’s equipped with a HEPA filter that traps up to 99.99 percent of particles.

Tangle-free brush • Hands-free tank emptying • Works on high-pile carpet and area rugs • Includes tools built to tackle pet messes • Swivel steering

Heavier than most uprights • Dust bin is tricky to open

Created for pet owners by pet owners, this pick aims to eliminate pet hair and allergens from your home.

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Plus

Specifically developed for homes with pets, this upright features a tangle-free brush roll and a hands-free emptying system.

  • Weight:
    17.5 pounds
  • Cord length:
    30 feet
  • Type:
    Upright bagless
  • Dust bin capacity:
    0.75 liters
If you really want to find out if a vacuum is reliable or not, see how it handles pet hair. Customers who bought this vacuum by Bissell say it passes with flying colors. The Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Plus was created by pet owners for pet owners to help with cleaning up after household animals (and the people who love them). 
The Pet Hair Eraser comes with a tangle-free brush to help eliminate an annoying issue with most vacuums, and it includes specialized tools that help you remove embedded hair from practically anywhere. With this Bissell upright vac, you can also capture allergens, eliminate odors, and enjoy a hands-free tank empty system when you’re done.
This vacuum cleaner has impressive suction that works on high-pile carpets, area rugs, and hard surfaces. It also features a SmartSeal allergen system that captures and traps small dust and allergen particles inside the vacuum to help you breathe better. There’s also an option to get Febreze filters that eliminate odors as you clean.

Best canister vacuums

If you don’t have any carpet in your home and need a versatile vacuum that is good at cleaning bare floors and then some, you may need a canister vacuum. Canister vacuums are known to be less noisy than their upright counterparts, but can also be a bit harder to store since they’re bulkier and have long hose and wand attachments. But if you want something that’s versatile enough to clean drapes, blinds, and spaces that aren’t on the floor — or something you can take outside to use for your car — then a canister is a good choice. 

Excellent suction • Washable filter • Retractable cord • Stair tool

This is a powerful vacuum with a small footprint for better portability.

Dyson Big Ball Canister Vacuum

Superior suction, great maneuverability, and a reusable filter make this canister vacuum worth the price.

  • Weight:
    17.6 pounds
  • Cord length:
    21 feet
  • Type:
    Canister bagless
  • Dust bin capacity:
    0.47 gallons
It may be pricey, but many reviewers swear by this canister vac. So what makes it stand above the rest? It’s easy to cart around the house, is flexible, and has superior quality and impeccable suction. 
It may be on the pricier side, but it also has more features than most vacuums. It self-uprights, so if you’ve ever used a canister vacuum and had it tip over as you work around corners, you don’t have to worry about this one doing that. Plus it has a washable, reusable filter, which is good for both Mother Earth and your bank account.
This thing is just as powerful as an upright vacuum, but it has a smaller footprint and is more portable. So, if you thought the Dyson Ball MultiFloor upright vacuum was just too bulky, this is a better option for you.

Extremely portable • Includes blower • Lightweight

Less suction than other models

If you’re looking to clean not just your home but your car and even blow leaves off your porch, this is the vacuum for you.

Hoover CH30000 PortaPower

This portable carry-around canister vacuum lets you roam your home and car, cleaning as you go, and also includes a blower.

  • Weight:
    8.3 pounds
  • Cord length:
    33 feet
  • Type :
    Canister with bag
  • Dust bin capacity:
    1 quart
This canister vacuum is easy to carry around because it includes a strap, so you pretty much just wear it like a messenger bag as you make your way around your house picking up dust bunnies as you go. (You will definitely feel like a member of the Ghostbusters using this.) The strap also makes it super convenient for vacuuming out your car. 
has a cable length of 33 inches so you can clean hard-to-reach spots with ease. The most common complaint among reviewers was lack of suction power, but something that costs $150 isn’t going to live up to the impressive suction of a Dyson or a Shark.

Best bagless vacuums 

Bagless vacuums are the new norm mainly because you don’t have to worry about buying, replacing, and recycling bags. Also, you always know when its time to empty your bagless vac since most have transparent canisters that display all the dirt and grime you’ve sucked up. However, if you suffer from indoor allergies, bagless vacuums could allow more of the dust picked up to re-enter the air, both while vacuuming and while emptying the contents in the trash. (Most have HEPA filters to keep dirt and dust out of the air, though.)

Powerful suction • Easy-empty tank • Washable filter • Affordable • Good for pet hair

Gets stuck on high-pile rugs if not in motion • Can’t turn off brush roll — not great for hard flooring

This inexpensive vacuum boasts impressive features, but it can get tripped up on high carpet and might send dirt flying on hard floors.

Bissell CleanView Bagless Vacuum

This inexpensive choice boasts powerful suction, an easy-empty dirt tank, and washable filter.

  • Weight:
    15.4 pounds
  • Cord length:
    25 feet
  • Type:
    Upright bagless
  • Dust bin capacity:
    2 liters
Unlike some other vacuum cleaners that require you to go over the same spot multiple times to get the dirt up, Bissell CleanView is made with OnePass technology, so it’s intended to clean the first time, in just one pass. See what they did there?
This vacuum has a 25-foot cord and an extension wand to help you reach all the areas you want to clean. It also features a large, easy-to-empty dust bin and utilizes a reusable filter.
One of the drawbacks to this inexpensive vacuum cleaner is that the brush roll is always on, which means it’s going to try to dig up dirt on hard flooring and result in the debris just kind of flying around, making this choice ideally suited for carpet only.

Great for hard floors and carpet • Powerful suction • Multi-angle adapter • Includes extra tools

Heavy when all the tools are on board • Too bulky to fit under furniture

This upright has powerful suction, easy-guide wheels, and great reviews.

Eureka FloorRover Dash

Both lightweight and powerful, this vacuum is made better by the included tools and accessories.

  • Weight:
    14.5 pounds
  • Cord length:
    35 feet
  • Type:
    Upright bagless
  • Dust bin capacity:
    1 liter
The Eureka FloorRover Dash can get around corners and furniture with ease, picking up pet hair and dander on its way, thanks to its swivel design. It has easy guide wheels that are said to dominate any floor surface. 
The vacuum cleaner is built with a multi-stage cyclone system, which means it separates smaller particles from larger ones to ensure no loss of suction, even as the dust cup starts to fill. 
This bad boy comes with some great tools to help you vacuum pretty much every surface in your home. The multi-angle adapter is super cool and basically lets you adjust any of the other tools to be at the angle you need. Gone are the days of awkwardly trying to suction dirt and dust off places above your head — the angle adapter paired with the dusting brush will have the tops of bookshelves, mantles, and all your other high surfaces looking spotless.

Super lightweight • Triples as stick vacuum, handheld vacuum, and detailer • Brush roll turns off for hard flooring • Inexpensive

Not as powerful as more expensive vacuums • Short cord

Affordable, lightweight, and versatile: What more could you want from a vacuum cleaner?

Dirt Devil Vibe 3-in-1

Small apartments and dorm dwellers will love this cheap, lightweight vacuum.

  • Weight:
    3.4 pounds
  • Cord length:
    15 feet
  • Type:
    Stick bagless
  • Dust bin capacity:
    0.4 liters
Get a whole lot of bang for your buck with this Dirt Devil stick vacuum that triples as an upright vac, handheld vac, and detailer. At only 3.4 pounds, this little vacuum is incredibly lightweight — even kids can lift it and help out with cleaning. (Parenting win!)
The Dirt Devil Vibe has a small footprint, making it amazing for small apartments or dorm rooms. The detailer tool is nice for cleaning around windows and shelves or clearing out your car.
Though you can’t expect Dyson-level suction, this vacuum does a good job on hard floors and has a brush roll for tackling carpet messes.

Best handheld vacuums 

If you want a lightweight, easy-to-store defense against messes, we strongly suggest keeping a handheld vacuum around. Although it tends to have less power than other vacuum styles due to its compact size, handheld vacuums are great for quick pick-ups. These are best for dorm rooms or to supplement a full-sized vacuum when you don’t want to lug it out for small messes.

Probably the best vacuum on the market • Super versatile • 60-minute run time

Very expensive • Heavy for a handheld • Power button does not lock to “on”

If you want the best of the best, this is probably it. But it’s both expensive and heavier than standard handhelds, so you’ll need to have big jobs for it to do.

Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute cordless

This may be the only vacuum you need, if you can handle the price.

  • Weight:
    5.88 pounds
  • Type:
    Cordless Handheld
  • Dust bin capacity:
    0.2 gallons
This may not look like a handheld vacuum, but it is — and so much more. is probably the most powerfully capable handheld vacuum on the market. But on the flip side, its pretty freakin’ bulky, making it better for big jobs than the occasional small clean-up. said that it has the power and features to clean your entire house, furniture and all, in one go. 
Dyson’s powerful stick vacuum is a great combo machine for when you have quick spot cleaning to do or when you need to do a deep clean of your whole home. It comes with some really useful attachments, including one that can extend it all the way to the floor (turning it into a stick vacuum cleaner), plus various brushes and motorheads.
The long attachment is compatible with different heads, so you can use it as an extra long handheld to swipe down cobwebs in corners or use it as a traditional floor vacuum cleaner. The vacuum’s charging dock hangs on the wall for easy storage and a single charge provides up to an hour of run time. You do have to keep your finger on the power button the entire time you use the vacuum, which is both a pro and a con. It’s a little annoying and might cramp up your finger, but it will help conserve battery and energy.

Powerful suction • Affordable • Good-sized dust bin

Not as great on non-pet messes • Corded

This powerful little corded handheld is lavishly praised for its ability to suck up pet hair even from tight spaces, but its other abilities are so-so.

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Corded Handheld

Designed for pet messes, this corded handheld can get into tight spots to remove hair and dander and pick up kitty litter.

  • Weight:
    4.2 pounds
  • Cord length:
    16 feet
  • Type:
    Handheld corded
  • Dust bin capacity:
    0.78 liters
If you’re looking for a handheld option that’s specialized for pet messes, this one by Bissell is one of the best according to Amazon reviewers. With a contoured nozzle, the can clean up dirt and hair from tight spots like armrests, car interiors, and in between cushions. You can even use it to pick up kitty litter, pet food, and more. 
This handheld vacuum has a 16-foot cord, so just be aware that you will be tethered and won’t have complete mobility freedom. The vacuum is small and compact, but it actually has a pretty impressive dirt cup size, holding 0.78 liters.
Obviously, you won’t be able to tackle large messes with this mini vacuum, but it’s excellent for quick pick-ups of fur clumps, food spills, or litter messes.

Powerful suction • Multiple attachments • Rotating slim nozzle gets in hard-to-reach spots

Can’t replace battery if it completely dies • Charging base must be on a flat surface

If you don’t like the idea of being tethered by a cord, this vacuum gives you a lot more freedom allowing you to move about the house or out to the car.

Ditch the cord and clean anywhere in your house with the Black+Decker Dustbuster. The handheld vacuum runs on a lithium ion battery that lasts for 20 to 30 minutes of continuous use on a single charge. The vacuum also features a rotating slim nozzle to really help you get into all the tight spaces in your home.
There are two attachments to extend the nozzle or clean upholstery. The dirt bin and filter are both washable, so you won’t have any lingering dust coating the inside of the vacuum.
The biggest complaint from reviewers is that the battery does eventually die for good and it’s not replaceable. (Sad trombone.)

Best robot vacuums

If you want a vacuum that cleans for you, while you can just sit on the couch or go about your business, robot vacuums are the way to go. Robot vacuums use sensors, lasers, and motherboards to move around your space while you do whatever the heck you feel like doing. You may want to go with a robot vacuum if the idea of having floors that are cleaned daily fills you with joy. Some can even double as mops. While you may not have to manually control the vacuum once it’s going, you do have to pick up things like socks and other small household items that can get stuck. It’s not a full-blown maid, unfortunately.

Advanced navigation system • App connected • Works with voice assistants

Pricey • Can get caught on loose cords

If app and voice control and advanced navigation are important to you, the Roomba 960 is a stellar choice.

iRobot Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum

With advanced navigation and smart home integration, this top-of-the-line robot vacuum will be your best bet.

  • Weight:
    8.6 pounds
  • Type:
    Robot vacuum
  • Dust bin capacity:
    0.6 liters
This robot vacuum can really change the way you think about cleaning your home. You can start, schedule, and monitor its performance from just about anywhere using the iRobot app. uses an advanced navigation system to seamlessly navigate an entire level of your home, keeping track of its location as it goes. It has a cleaning head that automatically adapts to multiple surfaces, efficiently cleaning both carpet and hard floors.  
Coolest of all, once it’s done, the iRobot Roomba goes back to its charging station to re-juice, so it’s ready when you need it next. On a single charge, you’ll get 75 minutes of run time. It’s relatively quiet and works with voice control via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. This thing isn’t cheap, but it is worth every cent. 
Unlike a lot of robot vacuums, the Roomba 960 has intelligent mapping and vacuums your floors in neat rows instead of a random pattern. This ensures no spots are missed.

Great for pet hair • Voice and app control • Affordable

Random cleaning pattern • Can get stuck on rug edges and loose cords

The Shark has lots of the same features as the Roomba, but for cheaper. It also focuses on pet hair removal.

Shark ION AV751 robot vacuum

Think of the Shark ION as a cheaper Roomba competitor with a focus on pet hair.

  • Weight:
    8.23 pounds
  • Type:
    Robot vacuum
  • Dust bin capacity:
    0.6 liters
The Shark ION‘s three-brush system works hard to get every last piece of dirt and debris, regardless of floor type. It’s even great for pet hair. The vacuum has sensors that prevent it from running into walls and furniture or taking a dive down the stairs.
Like the Roomba 960, this Shark robot vacuum is WiFi connected for app integration and voice controls. Unlike the Roomba, there is no smart navigation, so the vacuum cleans in a random pattern until it’s covered the entire floor. It’s not as efficient, but it’ll still get the job done.
The Shark can run for 120 minutes at a time and will automatically return to its charging dock when the battery is running low.

Edge and spot cleaning • Max power mode • WiFi connected

Random cleaning pattern • Small dust bin

This robot vacuum really focuses on messes, even if the cleaning pattern is random.

Ecovacs Deebot N795

With spot cleaning and max power mode, this vacuum really targets messes.

  • Weight:
    7.04 pounds
  • Type:
    Robot vacuum
  • Dust bin capacity:
    0.52 liters
Ecovacs might not have the same name recognition as Roomba and Shark, but their robot vacuums are worth paying attention to. The Deebot N795 is app and voice controlled and designed to clean the entire floor, target a spot that need work, and focus on cleaning the edges on your floors.
There’s a max power mode that produces twice the suction for stubborn messes. The vacuum can run for up to 110 minutes and will return to its dock when it needs to recharge. 
Like the Shark ION, this vacuum cleans in a random pattern but will still get the job done. It transitions effortlessly between carpeting and hard flooring.

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