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Troy City Council approves new surveillance, body cameras

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“We’re doing a lot obviously to root the problem, but also to heal, a lot of folks want healing,” Mantello said. “A lot of folks want action, it’s a combined force.”

Mantello has also suggested creating a quality of life task force, which would consist of members from nearly every city department and community members.

“Department of Public works, code, a community police officer, a neighborhood representative literally take it block by block to cure blight, to clean up the litter, clean up the garbage and get folks to feel better about their neighborhood,” she said.

Since Troy certainly isn’t the only Capital Region city seeing an increase in gun violence, Mantello has also suggested a targeted task force.

“Where Albany and Schenectady and Rensselaer County would actually combine some forces and have targeted hotspots whereby law enforcement agencies would work together and essentially route out some of this crime that’s happening,” Mantello said. 

Madden released this statement in response to council passing resolutions on cameras Thursday night:

“Surveillance cameras are one of many tools used by law enforcement to investigate crimes in our community. Earlier this year, my administration advanced a plan to upgrade to the City’s existing camera network in coordination with the Troy Police Department. Deployment of new camera technology will strengthen the reliability of our camera network, and I express my thanks to Assemblyman John McDonald for securing the state funding to move this important initiative forward.”

“I’m also pleased to move ahead with purchase of equipment, training and implementation a body-worn camera program for the Troy Police Department. The deployment of new technologies reinforces the department’s continued modernization as a 21st century law enforcement agency. I look forward to working closely with department leadership to implement this program in the coming months.”

Mayor Madden and Police Chief Owens also reminded Troy families and property owners to register their private security cameras with the Troy Police Department’s “SafeCam” program. Residents and businesses who register their camera can assist Troy police with crime prevention strategies in neighborhoods throughout Troy. For more info, or to register your camera, please visit http://www.troyny.gov/departments/police-department/safecam/

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