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Update coming soon will improve the Surface Duo’s camera and fix some performance issues

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According to Windows Latest, the recently released Microsoft Surface Duo is about to receive its first update that includes several improvements and new features for the camera. As an example, the “Image Refiner” could use AI to improve the quality of an image says MSPoweruser. Users might be able to see a live lag-less preview showing the effect of HDR on a scene that they are about to photograph using zzzHDR. And the update will add Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) capabilities to the 11MP camera. This will help keep images looking steady and stable even if the user can’t keep the phone from shaking while snapping stills and filming videos.
Some Surface Duo users say that they are noticing a lag with the feature that allows users to drag an app between the Duo’s two 5.6-inch AMOLED displays. Sometimes these apps take some time to open up and expand on the two screens and users are complaining about this on social media platforms. Some apps will crash when you try to expand them and some will freeze. The upcoming update is expected to fix this performance issue and others and should include the October Android security update. Microsoft plans on updating the security patch every month. The update is reportedly undergoing internal testing.

The Surface Duo features a unique and ground-breaking hinge that allows the phone’s two screens to open at 180 degrees providing users with an 8.1-inch tablet-sized display with an 1800 x 2700 resolution. Powered by the one-generation old Snapdragon 855 Mobile Platform, the Surface Duo is equipped with 6GB of memory and 128GB or 256GB of storage priced at $1,399.99 (24 payments of $46.67) and $1,499.99 (24 payments of $50) respectively.

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