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US Presidential Debate 2020 Highlights: Biden counters Trump interruptions by speaking to camera

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The US presidential debate involving United States President and Republican Party candidate Donald Trump and his rival from the Democratic Party Joe Biden took place today.

The debate divided into six segments: the records of Trump and Biden, the Supreme Court, the pandemic, the economy, election integrity and ”race and violence” in US cities.

Here are the key highlights.

President Donald Trump and Joe Biden trade barbs about each other’s relatives: While Biden was making a point during the first presidential debate in Cleveland about the Trump administration’s trade deals with China not having the desired effect, Trump jumped in. He resurrected past claims about the former vice president’s son Hunter working overseas. Trump said Hunter Biden reaped millions in ill-gotten profit from China and other overseas interests, accusations that have been repeatedly debunked. Biden denied the claims.

Trump interrupted to respond that his children gave up lucrative jobs to join government and help people, which left moderator Chris Wallace pleading, Mr. President, please stop trying to restore order on the stage. Biden then turned to the camera and addressed the audience directly, something he did frequently Tuesday night. This is not about my family or his family, Biden said. It’s about your family. (AP)

Trump won’t say when he’ll make taxes public: President Donald Trump won’t say when he will finally make his personal taxes public as he has long promised. Trump was asked specifically about a report in The New York Times that revealed he paid only $750 in personal income taxes each of those years. All presidents except Trump have publicly released their taxes since the presidency of Richard Nixon. Trump has said since 2016 that he would eventually release them. But when asked by moderator Chris Wallace when, he said only: You’ll get to see it. Democratic nominee Joe Biden quickly used that as a point of attack, saying Trump does take advantage of the tax code and pays less tax than a schoolteacher. Trump shrugged off the attack, saying that all business leaders do the same unless they are stupid. (AP)

Angry opening: Trump, Biden interrupt each other: President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden began the first presidential debate with heated exchanges over health care, the coronavirus and the future of the Supreme Court.

Often, Biden would speak directly to the camera when Trump would interrupt him.

No handshake: Republican President Donald Trump and Democratic rival Joe Biden did not shake hands or wear masks as they entered their first White House debate on Tuesday, adhering to protocols on social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic. The two candidates entered the stage at the same time and smiled as moderator Chris Wallace of Fox News explained they would not shake hands.

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