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Why QLED TV is big in 2020 | TechRadar

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With its 2020 QLED range, Samsung introduced its most complete television ever and there a few great reasons why people want to own one. There’s the main reason we choose a TV – the picture. When it comes to picture quality the key lies in the balance between size and resolution – the total number of pixels a TV screen contains. The bigger the TV, the more important its resolution becomes. Samsung’s focus on larger screens fits perfectly into this equation. An ultra-high-resolution TV like Samsung’s new 2020 QLED 8K packs an astonishing 33 million pixels into its screen. Such high resolution amplifies the experience. QLED also introduced the first frameless design to complement your home. You’ll love the 99% screen-to-body ratio that allows you to focus more on the picture without any interruptions.

QLED TVs use Quantum Dots, which are unique in their sustained ability to perform without losing quality and boast the best colour expression of any TV today. Additionally, with its HDR10+ technology, it takes lifelike colours and contrasts to a new, dynamic level. This ensures each scene looks as the director meant it to. There are many great reasons to enjoy QLED TV.

Unrivalled Picture Quality

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