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Wildlife cameras capture bears doing ‘Dirty Dancing’ lift

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Photos showed bears having the time of their lives in a water feature at the Highlands Ranch Backcountry.

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Colo. — Fifty-two photos captured by a wildlife camera in the HRCA Backcountry Wilderness Area tell a story of love, the perils of being a third-wheel, joyous times in the water and even a bear named Baby (probably) who refuses to be put in any corner. 

The images were taken on Sept. 19. They show three bears splashing in one of the wilderness area’s water resources … which apparently are also enjoyed by everyone from raccoons to falcons to mice, according to a Facebook post from HRCA Backcountry Wilderness (they post their best wildlife pics on Tuesdays, if you need some wholesome internet content). 

Here’s a look at some of the best photos, because we all need a little bit of joy in this very strange time. 

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The “Dirty Dancing” lift 

Baby actually can’t be put in the corner because it’s a circular tub. 

The joys of being the third wheel 

There’s nothing that describes being a third wheel more than standing off to the side while your friends enjoy a sweet moment. 

Wait … is this a new yoga pose or a squatty potty ad? 

The face you make when you hear a really good piece of gossip … 

What you do when you find out you’re the subject of a really good piece of gossip

There is now tension on the island. 

Watching your two friends fight like … 

“Guys can you stop? I’m just trying to enjoy a spa day here!” 

And they just won’t stop … 

One bear that’s really feeling 2020

That look is the look on all of our faces, at one point. 

This bear stopping by to say what’s up 

And finally … the perfect profile picture

Can bears “smize?” Because this one is. 

See all of the photos here.

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